Unable to send attachments with the AOL Desktop Software.

We are here to discuss the issue which is a very common issue for the users which they face very often; in AOL email. This issue is related to sending an attachment with email where users are unable to send attachments while using email. We are here providing a solution with some process step by step. There are many ways to resolve the issues but users have tried the first step first then try to send attachment in email if that method works then stop trying the other method or if that doesn’t work out they can go for another method an repeat the same thing as on and on unless they get the solution up to the last method. Even if users failed to get resolved the issues they have one more option through which they can resolve the issue by contacting our tech support team through AOL E-mail Support Number +0-800-041-8154 and our technical experts will resolve all the issues within no time.

What solutions we can provide to the users:

Method-1: users have to verify whether the attached file is closed or not.

This is the most common way of resolving issue. Users might not have closed the file they are trying to attach. If they have done such mistake then close the file and try again to attach the file. Your issue will be resolved by this way.


Method-2: users have to verify Mail Controls settings:

Users have to check their email settings where it might be possible that the settings of email account might have changed accidently or by mistake then they have to check those settings and change them accordingly so that they can send the attachment with the email.


Method-3: users have to verify whether the files is compressed or not which they are attaching;

If the file size is bigger than the attachment facility then users have to compress the file they are attaching with the email to make the file in small size. Users can use third party utility software such WinZip, WinRar, or 7Zip and many others. If this method doesn’t work users can try another method to resolve the issue.


Method -4: users have to restart their computer once

In this process users have to restart the computer to clear the cache memory and it can remove the blockade and users might be able to attach the files with emails in AOL.


Method-5: Users have to clear AOL Artwork Database.

Users are required to clear the AOL Artwork Database to reduce which reduce the memory after sometime. This data is store online and users have to delete that data so that the issues can be rectify. After that users have reset the settings of AOL Artwork Database.


Method-6: Users are required to scan the attachment for viruses

Users are required to scan their computer completely for the virus and it automated system will scan it for virus. If there is any virus users will receive one the following message and it repair it automatically such as:

To scan the attachment for viruses:

After uploading the file for attachment the virus scanner will automatically scan the file for virus and after that it will be followed by following messages:

  • Virus Repaired: Click on the OK button to continue uploading the attached files.
  • Unrepairable Virus Detected: Click on the OK button to proceed to the Write Mail window and then detach the infected files.
  • Unable to scan attachment: Click on the OK button to continue uploading the attached files.

According to above discussed method to resolve the issues on which we are discussing from the beginning the issues might have resolved but if users are still facing an error they can have one more option where they can contact to our third part tech support team through AOL E-mail Support Number +0-800-041-8154 and our technical experts will resolve all the issues on an urgent basis.

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