Unable to Send Attachments in AOL Email!!

AOL Email is one of the best among all where the users can utilize its various features but sometimes they face even some issues too. We are here discussing the issue where users are ‘unable to send attachment in AOL Email’ and need some assistance. We are providing a solution with a process and steps. The users are required to follow the instructions as provided over here and by following those steps their issues will be resolved and if they face any error while following those instructions they can have support from AOL Email Support Number +0-800-041-8154 where our certified and skilled technicians will help them for resolving the issues.

Process for resolving the error: the users are required to follow the instruction as given below:

The users have to clear their AOL Artwork Database in order to start sending attachment.


When the users work continuously on AOL Desktop which can reduce the efficiency of software. In order to enhance the performance and provide a blank space to software it is request from the users to delete their artwork by resetting the amount of space AOL uses to store online art.

The users are required to scan the attachments for viruses, malware, or spyware.

Sometimes while attaching files in the email viruses may come through that. The users are required to scan the files they are attaching to the email for any infectious virus or any kind of file which can damage the system or data. The AOL email virus scan service automatically scans all email attachments and attempts to repair infected files on their own so users have to scan every time. If the virus is there users will receive some the message as we are mentioning below:

Virus Repaired: after this message users have to click on the OKbutton to continue uploading the attached files.

  • Unrepairable Virus Detected: for this users are required to click on the OKbutton to proceed to the Write Mail window and then detach the infected files.
  • Unable to scan attachment: for this message users are required to click on the OKbutton to continue uploading the attached files.

The users are requested to reset web settings in their browser

If the users installed multiple web browsers when they are requested and there is some error message it means the browser’s settings have been changed so for that the users can reset their web settings without changing the settings of other browsers.


As we have provided the users, different methods to resolve the issues they face as ‘unable to send attachments with AOL Email’. The users have to just follow the method we have given above if even now they failed to resolve the issue there is one more option to resolve the issues through AOL Email Support Number +0-800-041-8154 and our skillful and certified technicians will be available for them 24x7 to resolve the issue with a rapid response.

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