Unable To Open Attachments in AOL Email

Cannot Open Downloaded Files or Attachments

Indeed, it is a significant unbalanced circumstance when the users are busy in office and need to download an attachment from AOL email and they couldn’t download the same or neglected to peruse that attachment. Indeed, it is troublesome for an ordinary client who isn’t techno-shrewd. We are talking about this issues here with its solution. We are providing the complete procedure of the solution with well defined instructions. The clients are required to follow after the steps as indicated by given process and their issues will be settled immediately. If the users confront any error while following the instructions, they have one more alternative from where they can resolve the technical issue through our technical support system where they can contact to AOL Customer Care Number +0-800-041-8154.




The users are required to check whether the file type is supported by the AOL software or not.


The client’s AOL software can open just certain sorts of files. In the event that the file type isn’t supported by the client’s AOL software then it won’t be conceivable to download or perused that record or to open that they are required utilize suitable software 

How the users can identify the file type of a downloaded file?

  1. The users have to click on the Filemenu, and after that they have to click on the Download Manager.

  2. After performing first step the users are required to check in the list of downloaded items, and after that they need to click to highlight the file that they wish to open.

  3. The users have to check in the right panel, and in the File Informationsection, they can note down the filename extension.
  • In a general manner the AOL software supports certain file types which include the following: .au, .art, .avi, .bmp, .chf, .eps, .gif, .htm, .html, .jpg, .jpeg, .log, .mid, .midi, .mme, .pcx, .pfc, .txt, .wav, and.wmv.
  • The users have to make it sure that the source or sender of the file has sent the file in a correct format or not. If they are not sure of the program that is needed to open the file.

The users are required to download the file again

The users have to check it whether the file types supported by the AOL software is fine or damaged. The users cannot download the file if it is damaged.


What the users can try:

  • The users can download the file once again, if possible from a different IP Address or location.
  • Now the users can visit official website of AOL and then they can sign on, and then try downloading the file.
  • The users can confirm it from the sender to check the file before sending the users again.

The users can restart the computer and then try again to download the file

One more thing users can try if they haven’t recently restarted their computer or they don’t restart their computer very often, it is highly recommended that they have to restart the computer. By restarting the computer to clear the internal memory (RAM) often resolves many issues.


The users are required to try one more thing and that is they can attempt on restarting the computer if they haven’t recently, it is profoundly prescribed that they need to restart the PC. By restarting the PC to clear the inner memory (RAM) frequently settle many issues

As we defined in detail the procedure and solution of issues where the clients can find the procedure of how to download or read an attachments from AOL Email. We have described the explanation with steps and the users are required to follow all the steps one by one to determine the issue. If the users still face some errors while following the instructions they can have help from our technical support system through AOL Customer Care Number +0-800-041-8154.

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