Issues while signing on to the AOL Desktop Software

As we are aware that everyone needs to communicate to send or receive any messages and AOL Email is one of the best examples of the communication services while utilizing the features of AOL it is a fair chance that the users may face some technical issues such as ‘unable to sign on to the AOL Desktop software’ which they can’t resolve and need some technical assistance to resolve them. Well, we are providing the solution for the same issues with the instruction which users have to follow strictly if they need to resolve the issue. While following the instruction if they have any errors they can reach out to AOL Mai Support Number +0-800-041-8154 to resolve their all issues with the help of skilled and trained technicians.

IMPORTANT: Now AOL users can recover their password through a new feature called Automatic Password Recovery. The moment they enable this feature in their account and at the same moment, they will be able to reset or recover their password without having to verify their identity by answering account security questions.


The most prominent Error messages which users can receive if their account has some errors:

  • “Invalid Username or Password. Please try again.”
  • “Invalid Password. Please re-enter.”
  • “Invalid Screen Name or Password. Please try again.”

What could be the main cause of the error?

  • Their might be a possibility that the users are entering an incorrect Username or password
  • The users might be entering the password while caps Lock is on
  • The users have to take precautions while entering the password they might have been their Username must have accidentally saved with some special characters, such as underscores, periods or dashes in their AOL Desktop Software, browser or email application. In the past, AOL ignored all the special characters in their Username and allowed them to sign on. Now, we’ve enhanced our systems to interpret special characters, and this may be the main cause to sign on to fail.

As we have described the solution for the issues which users face while signing on and need some help to resolve. The users are required to follow the instructions as given the process above to resolve the issues with steps. If they failed to do so and face some errors while following the steps there is one more option for them to resolve the issues through AOL Mail Support Number +0-800-041-8154 and will be assisted by our skilled professionals.

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